Do You Wish To Eliminate The Stress?

Tips To Feel Better
Tips To Feel Better
Tips To Feel Better
Tips To Feel Better

The human body is a vessel that is brimming with emotions and thoughts, that seems peaceful for an outsider, but there may be a storm brewing between their ears. Stress is considered as a silent killer, that is kicking out the fun in life and giving you stress lines on your forehead. Stress is often sneaky, in the sense, that you may be keeping yourself busy with something else, and it creeps up on you and finally pounces. Before you know you are jittery and your eyes dart from corner to corner.

There are a couple of ways in which you can gain the upper hand when it comes to harrowing stress. Let us look at a few tips to feel better:

  • Acknowledge It!

Accept the fact that you are stressed. Often when friends or near and dear ones ask ‘you look tired, you ok?’ several of us brush it aside and blame it on the ‘moment’. The first step to taking the weight off of the shoulder is to face the stress.

So take a minute to realize that stress is building up, and the possible signs that your body and mind might need a break.

  • Chew

Chew anything! Preferably bubble gum would suit the purpose of this exercise. When you are chewing, you are fooling the mind. Chewing frequently helps in reducing the cortisol levels in the body, and this could be why chewing helps in reducing stress.

Don’t chew half-heartedly, do it with effort. You need to vigorously chew in order to get the desired results.

  • Drink Some Tea

There are several beverages that help you reduce anxiety, but there is none that do it like tea. There is a marked difference in the cortisol levels and lowered stress when you put the kettle on the burner and brew away. Tea can take up to an hour to actually get to work, but the routine of setting up the kettle and brewing is therapeutic in itself.

  • Take Deep Breaths

Control your physical self and you will be able to put the mind in a rhythm. Start by taking deep breaths. If you know breathing exercises, then do it now. It is suitable to try out slow breathing exercises and not rapid breathing, as it may be counter-productive.

You may even add in aromatic diffusers and aromatherapy to be able to lull the body in a state of controlled calmness.

Stress can act as a roadblock- take the effort to stop it in its tracks and get help if you feel burdened.