How To Not Let Anxiety Get The Better Of You

Hobbies That Can Reduce Stress
Hobbies That Can Reduce Stress
How To Feel Better
How To Feel Better

Feeling yourself burdened and overwhelmed at times is natural and it is something that everyone one of us experiences. But letting it get the better of us, and prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest is a shame. The upcoming mid-term papers or the presentation before the company board may be sufficient to get you rattled. This stress might eat into you and you might feel yourself withering away from the pressure.

If you are in similar situations of extreme stress then we will be going through some coping strategies to tackle and prevent it from getting the better of you. To know how to feel better, read on…

Strategies To Cope With Stress and Anxiety

Eat A Well-Balanced Meal

This may not come intuitively. Being stressed means your appetite going out the window and you not craving for even a morsel. Skipping meals will only burden your body even more by restricting it from the much needed nutrients and energy to follow through the day. Eat energy boosting snacks or protein bars when you don’t feel like sitting down with a knife and fork. Eat a well-balanced meal when possible and avoid skipping meals.

Take The Time To Reflect

This is like taking a time-out when we were kids. Just take the time to meditate, listen to your favorite soundtracks, get a massage or visit a spa, practice yoga and so on. A simple step back from the problem at hand will immensely boost your productivity and allow you to handle the problem better- if your axe is blunt, take the time to sharpen it rather than swing away at the tree.

Getting Sleep

This is one of the reasons why we get overburdened. If we are stressed, we can’t get sleep; if you don’t get sleep, you are stressed. Take sleeping pills under consultation from the doctor, to help you slip into a peaceful night of rest. You can also place lavender, rosemary and other botanicals that act as natural relaxants in your room or by the bedside if you aren’t a fan of pills.

Take Deep Controlled Breaths

Inhale and exhale slowly at a controlled pace. Slowly count to 4 in your mind as you inhale, and do the same as you exhale. Do this for 5 minutes and you will find yourself visibly relaxed.

Practicing these and maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle will help you reduce anxiety and contain your natural fears and use them to your advantage. Remember, consistency is key.